domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Traveling around the world - my twenty first class

Hey Hey

My last class with David - on March 31st - was not with David, because he was - sick ,I think - so, that day we got class with Melissa. She is brasilian but she had lived in a lot of countries like: Spain, United Kingdon, U.S.A., Servia and others.

So, she told us how it is to live in other places and that she has a "mistery" with the letter "B". It is because she has lived in many places that the name starts with "B" like: Belgrado, Berlin, Barcelona, Brasília and others.

Since I have a fried who lives in Servia, I asked her how it is to live there and she told us that Servia is the most diferent plance in Europe and that the servians luck like brasilians.

She said that the servian women are very beatiful: tall, thin, blond and with blue eyes and that they dress very provocatively but in truth, they are very shamed.

We talked about politics too and I said that my life and my family's life was improved after Lula.
He is not a God, but he did a good job. Many brasilian people are no more poor and many others have now money not only to eat, but to buy a new car or the first own house.

So, she said that it is very dagerous, because Brazil can be like U.S.A., and I said that I know that, but is better to be like the U.S.A., than Somalia.

Well, I left the class five minutes earlier - sadly - but it was because I was going to the cimena to see "Esposa de mentirinha" with a friend and the session started at 21:30h.

So, I really loved that class, I for me it was a pleasure to meet Melissa.

I don't believe - my twentyth class


Ok, I will be brief.

I prefer not to make a comment about my - supposed - last class with Sonia - on March 28th.

The only thing that I wanna say is: about that day I'm felling like the picture on top.

Reading a lot - my nineteenth class


My last class with David - on March 24th - was a bit boring because: at first - just Flavia and I went to the clas and secondly - we read more.

I think that we read about twenty leaves.
We read about italian food and other things. Hey...lets wake up. LOL.

I'm sure reading is very important, but it is not enough.