segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

Doing crazy things for money and Food expressions - my twelfth class.


At my last class with David - on February 24th - we talked about how our week was.
David asked us if we had done the homework - I had, but I forgot it at home.

Janaína and Flavia didn't go to class, I don't know why. I think that they could write here why they missed the last David class.

We read some texts about money and how people can do crazy things for it. We read stories about person that got rich in lottery and games and how they got poor again, as fast as they got rich. Easy come, easy go.

The other text tells how some fruits and foods have inspirated jargons, like: it is not my cup of tea / a piece of cake / selling like hotcakes / easy as pie / as cool as a cucumber.

After that, David gave us the homework for the next class.

Ok guys, I will be here soon and I hope be more inspirated to write a longer and better text for you.

segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

Books, holidays and upsetting- my eleventh class


Today at Sonia class - on February 21st - I thought that the class was a bit boring. I don't know why, maybe 'cause I was a little tired and the others talked a lot of "The Hunger Games". It is a book that I din't read, because it is not my cup of tea.
We talked about holidays and that today is something about Presidents in U.S.
Sonia asked us what our favorite legal holiday is. For me it is September 7th, because, differently from many Brazilians, I'm a patriot.

Of course we talked about how our weekend was. During the last weekend I ate pizza and made rice with chicken and corn and hired a maid. I told them that I restarted to read the second book of the series "Percy Jackson and The Olympians". Its name is Percy Jackson and "The Sea of Monsters". This book tells a story of Greek Mythology and all the story is around the life of Percy/Perseus, Poseidon's son.

I'm thinking of a lot of things, including that it is my worst text..rss... it is, maybe, I am...hummm...a little upset...

I need to speak more in the classes, I need to learn how to use past perfect...and many many things more...

I know I had just eleven classes...but... I'm very concerned...
I know that the English language is easier than Portuguese, but I guess my methodology of studies is wrong.

Hey Sonia, if you are reading this text, give me a feedback.

Ok, I'll see you soon and until there I really hope to be better...

sábado, 19 de fevereiro de 2011

Laron Syndrome - my tenth class


At last David class - on february 17th - we talked about a disease that scientists have discovered in Ecuador about twenty-three years ago.
That disease is caused by a rare gene mutation that affects the way the body uses growth hormone. It is called Laron Syndrome.

People with this syndrome are typically short, but they are protected from cancer and diabetes and they live for a long time. They live longer than their taller relatives.

Generally, they die of alcohol abuse and accidents.
Some of them have families and they live pretty happy.

During the class, David taught us some words and told a joke too.

"There were three guys A Brazilian man, a French man and a Japanese man. They were preparing to go camping. The Brazilian man said: I will be responsible for the beer; the French man said: I will be responsible for the food; and the Japanese man asked them: and what will I be responsible for? They
answered him: You will be responsible for the other supplies.
Ok, the Brasilian and the French arrived at the camp with the beer and the food and the Japanese didn't arrive there. They were waiting for him about
one hour, two hours and after three hour the Japanese appeared behind a tree and said: SUPPLIES!!!!" Rsss.

If do you want to learn more about Laron syndrome, click on this frase.

segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

How did you meet your love? - my ninth class


At last Sonia class, on February 14th, we talked about movies, make up, skin care and about one thing that I laughed a lot and I was very embarrassed too, I mean: I was really, really very embarrassed.

We talked about stories of love. How we met our partners.
So I told them that I also have a partner and how we met (and my face got red).

But before that - horror time - we talked about how our weekend was and I told them that I am writing this blog.
Sonia reached this page, and read the articles aloud.

In my opinion, my colleagues - and Sonia - liked it.
It would be nice if they also create a blog, a blog like this.

Ps.: guys, I was very embarrassed at that time, but now I'm cool.

I will see you after the next class. Bye!

domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

I missed... - my eighth class


I didn't go to the last David's class - on February 10th - because I was sick. I had a hard stomach ache.

I am really sorry about this.

Bye. I will see you soon.

sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

Valentine's day & Men X Women - my seventh class


At last class, on February 7th, we talked about Groundhog’s Day, a tradicional holiday in the U.S.

To learn more about this theme, click on the Groundhog picture ===>

After that, we talked about Valentine's day. In the U.S., it is celebrated on February 14th. There - in the U.S. - the meaning of this celebration is different from here. They give cards called "Valentines" for every people who they love - mother, father, brother, friend, hasband, wife, fiance... In Brazil we just celebrate between lovers.

After that, the women from the class, started to talk bad things about men. They said things like: men do not do anything... we must keep the house clean whereas they drink beer with their friends... they don't put de toilet top down...and blah blah blah.

I said to them that I am really, really different, because I keep my house clean, and I do this much better than many women - by personal experience. I asked them: if you are so angry with your partners, why are you still with them???
So they said that in Brazil the women are educated to be a housewife and I replyed saying that since nowadays they know that, they can change this reality, so they stayed quite.

Well, that was all. rs

domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

Taboo - my sixth class


My last class was on February 3nd. Normally, the teacher of Thursday classes is David, from Canada, but in the last class he was sick. So, Monica, a young teacher, taught us.

We basicaly played a game named Taboo. In this game we must catch a block with many cards. In each card there is one more important word at the top, and five more below.

You may not show your card for other players and you must tell things about the word at the top of your card for the other players to discover what word it is. You may not say the five words during your explanation.

Ps.: the five other words are associated to the TOP word.

In the end of that class, Sonia, the teacher of Monday classes, entered the classroom carrying a cake. It was because it was Janaína's birthday. Janaína is a student, like me.

So, we talked about many things, all in English, like we always do, and we started plainning a party.

My new idea


After many months disappeared, I am here again, and now I am changing a little the idea of this blog.

I am learning English!

My new idea is to make this blog something periodic. A place where I will write about my English classes.

I have had six classes until now. So, I won't tell you anything about the five first ones. I will start explaining about the last class and after each class I will write here about it.
It is a way for me to see my evolution and to improve too.

I will be so happy if you, the readers of this blog, write something about what I wrote. Since I am just learning, I will surely make many, many mistakes.

I will not change the name of this blog, because I think this new idea might be Talvez Útil too. I guess that it is always Útil to learn something new.

You can give me your opinion and you can learn a little bit too and, maybe, you can laugh.

Ok guys, let's go!