terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Personality test - my eighteenth class


My last English class with Sonia, on March 21st, was really amazing.

We talked about movies. This subject started because Márcio was there with two DVD's that he and his family watched during the weekend.

Sonia asked me if I had gone to Shakira's concert last week. No, I didn't. By the way, the concert was cancelled because of the strong rain.

We talked about chocolate and how the Brazilian chocolate is sweeter than ihe ones made in other coutries.

Maybe that is the reason why I don't LOOOOVE chocolate, but when a FINE chocolate "throws" into my hands I really get crazy.

We reviewed the active and passive voices and we took the Tibetan Personality Test.

This test was created by a Dalai Lama. It is a very simple test that can describe your personality and how your life is in this moment.

Well, speaking of personality test, according to one topic of the test my CAREER is my current priority, and according to another topic, I am a SMART person... (it can be good....or not...rs).

So, this theme took us to another theme: Chinese Zodiac. According to Chinese Zodiac, I'm PIG, and being pig means:

"Noble and strong, the Boar or Pigs are noble creatures and will always put others ahead of themselves, especially their family. Friendships they build will last a long time even though the reckless nature of a Pig can sometimes be tough to handle. Pigs are a bane to themselves".

So, I already have used this test with my friends.

OK guys, that is all for now. See you soon...kisses and hugs!

Ps.: this is my favorite chocolate

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