domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

Taboo - my sixth class


My last class was on February 3nd. Normally, the teacher of Thursday classes is David, from Canada, but in the last class he was sick. So, Monica, a young teacher, taught us.

We basicaly played a game named Taboo. In this game we must catch a block with many cards. In each card there is one more important word at the top, and five more below.

You may not show your card for other players and you must tell things about the word at the top of your card for the other players to discover what word it is. You may not say the five words during your explanation.

Ps.: the five other words are associated to the TOP word.

In the end of that class, Sonia, the teacher of Monday classes, entered the classroom carrying a cake. It was because it was Janaína's birthday. Janaína is a student, like me.

So, we talked about many things, all in English, like we always do, and we started plainning a party.

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