domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

My new idea


After many months disappeared, I am here again, and now I am changing a little the idea of this blog.

I am learning English!

My new idea is to make this blog something periodic. A place where I will write about my English classes.

I have had six classes until now. So, I won't tell you anything about the five first ones. I will start explaining about the last class and after each class I will write here about it.
It is a way for me to see my evolution and to improve too.

I will be so happy if you, the readers of this blog, write something about what I wrote. Since I am just learning, I will surely make many, many mistakes.

I will not change the name of this blog, because I think this new idea might be Talvez Útil too. I guess that it is always Útil to learn something new.

You can give me your opinion and you can learn a little bit too and, maybe, you can laugh.

Ok guys, let's go!

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