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Laron Syndrome - my tenth class


At last David class - on february 17th - we talked about a disease that scientists have discovered in Ecuador about twenty-three years ago.
That disease is caused by a rare gene mutation that affects the way the body uses growth hormone. It is called Laron Syndrome.

People with this syndrome are typically short, but they are protected from cancer and diabetes and they live for a long time. They live longer than their taller relatives.

Generally, they die of alcohol abuse and accidents.
Some of them have families and they live pretty happy.

During the class, David taught us some words and told a joke too.

"There were three guys A Brazilian man, a French man and a Japanese man. They were preparing to go camping. The Brazilian man said: I will be responsible for the beer; the French man said: I will be responsible for the food; and the Japanese man asked them: and what will I be responsible for? They
answered him: You will be responsible for the other supplies.
Ok, the Brasilian and the French arrived at the camp with the beer and the food and the Japanese didn't arrive there. They were waiting for him about
one hour, two hours and after three hour the Japanese appeared behind a tree and said: SUPPLIES!!!!" Rsss.

If do you want to learn more about Laron syndrome, click on this frase.

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Osório Filho disse...

The joke is very funny. I've already told it to some friends!!!!
Good to know about useful things here.