segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

How did you meet your love? - my ninth class


At last Sonia class, on February 14th, we talked about movies, make up, skin care and about one thing that I laughed a lot and I was very embarrassed too, I mean: I was really, really very embarrassed.

We talked about stories of love. How we met our partners.
So I told them that I also have a partner and how we met (and my face got red).

But before that - horror time - we talked about how our weekend was and I told them that I am writing this blog.
Sonia reached this page, and read the articles aloud.

In my opinion, my colleagues - and Sonia - liked it.
It would be nice if they also create a blog, a blog like this.

Ps.: guys, I was very embarrassed at that time, but now I'm cool.

I will see you after the next class. Bye!

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