segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

Doing crazy things for money and Food expressions - my twelfth class.


At my last class with David - on February 24th - we talked about how our week was.
David asked us if we had done the homework - I had, but I forgot it at home.

Janaína and Flavia didn't go to class, I don't know why. I think that they could write here why they missed the last David class.

We read some texts about money and how people can do crazy things for it. We read stories about person that got rich in lottery and games and how they got poor again, as fast as they got rich. Easy come, easy go.

The other text tells how some fruits and foods have inspirated jargons, like: it is not my cup of tea / a piece of cake / selling like hotcakes / easy as pie / as cool as a cucumber.

After that, David gave us the homework for the next class.

Ok guys, I will be here soon and I hope be more inspirated to write a longer and better text for you.

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Guille Insandecido disse...

Hi best friend.
Congratulations on the initiative. Soon I will not need to translate more to write here. goodbye